Polish lad
    Friday’s child
      Smidgen wild

        Stuff fixer
          Rhyme mixer
            Beach walker
              Ed talker

                Hard worker
                   P.A. lurker
                    Bills fan
                      Buckeye man

                        Poem writer
                          Sleep fighter
                            Word gifter
                              Mood lifter

                                Lake dweller
                                  Funny feller
                                    Smile bearer
                                      Blog sharer

Marie Elena

There.  I KNEW I’d seen a photo from your BeatleMagic Ed Sullivan gig.  Hope you don’t mind that I snooped through your FB photos and snatched your Ed Sullivan impersonation pic, Partner. Too fun! Now maybe my “Ed talker” line will make a little more sense to people, eh? ;)  


Just a crazy old guy,
collecting poems as if they were cats.
Stumbling, sometimes mumbling to himself.
“Moon, June, bafoon…”, this lyrical loon
searches for the right word. The way
he plays with nomenclature, they’re all right.
Off to his outpost, with a host of other
rhyming things, he sings words to a song
he had once written, smitten with a lovely.
Above him a placard bearing quotations,
and random notations; nuggets to ponder.
Yonder is a file box, stocked with pages:
rants and rages, laments and upstages.
A poetic pariah, lost in a world
in which every street leads to the
center of his worded thunder.
It’s no wonder others of his ilk
seek distance, with some resistance
to be sure. Purely speaking, they are seeking
his persistence and reticence. He pens in perfect
solitude, an attitude he’s acquired
to be all he’s desired; full throttle ahead.
Damn the torpedoes. Across the lake
he takes his stand. Just a crazy old guy.


With penchant for the written rhyme,
He’s now in his poetic prime.
The years have only added days
To wheedle words, or turn a phrase;
To woo a reader, pierce a vein –

And it is here that he’ll remain.

Marie Elena

Happy birthday to the best mentor a girl could ever ask for. Here’s to future decades of sweet-talking your muse into dancing ‘til the sun comes up.


Graceful and heartful, smart,
full of vigor to fight the rigors of life
as defined. You don’t mind
because at your side, having your back,
is a friend. In need, indeed;
when not needed, wanted just the same.
The game is simple. Having a friend is being
a friend. Faceless, replaceless
never graceless, with a spacious heart.
From start to end, a Good friend is priceless.
Good as gold, and then some. Without end.



The vision of a friend; seeker of artistic worth.
How on earth did she ever find this connection?

But the direction she chose to expose that eye,
a far cry from Toledo, across the Erie Lake toward Buffalo.

Little did she know, the voice she heard spoke in words
that expressed a devotion to song, lyrical and lilting; lifting

an unsure foot, and then the next. Small steps into his world
unfurling the banner of poetic pondering, wondering if her words

could touch the soul of one she perceived so gifted,
lifted by his support and recognition; a position reciprocated

in kind. In his mind, he is driven, given the opportunity
to share in poetic unity; like minds finding a common bond.

Hands across the lake, reaching and teaching each other,
a rhyming sister and brother, related by their poetry, knowing

they are enhanced by their presence, in essence their words
become their umbilical, joining and nourishing their combined muse.

He is used to relying on her friendship; a necessary camaraderie
in her eye, the window to their personalities, a view to their worlds.  



The title beguiles — implies many styles,
and begs him the question, “Am I in possession
of voices, innumerous: poignant to humorous,
heartrending, moving, inane?”

He ponders the thought, as his mind becomes wrought
with the pieces he’s fashioned, from lax to impassioned,
from terse to soul-baring, enticing, or daring,
outlandish, bizarre, or mundane.

His voices are many, approaches aplenty,
inducing emotions while conjuring notions
of various kinds that may play with our minds
to divert, stir, or just entertain.
Marie Elena
*Originally titled “The Many Voices of Lauren Hill,” in response to a Poetic Asides prompt; written to honor my PArtner.

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1) Marie Elena: As a little girl, I used to “play” writer with my cousin, Susie. I did not attempt writing until middle age (that is, if one believes they will live to see 100).

2) Walt: My writing began as a tinker on our piano when I was thirteen. Melodies came easily, but the lyrical content was where I was at my most creative. As my music evolved into a more complex form, my poetry found substance.

3) Marie Elena: I’ve written poetry daily since April of 2009 when I attempted a Poem-A-Day Challenge. This is thanks in very large part to encouragement from my partner across the lake. In addition to my obsession with poetry, I write children’s short stories (one publication under my belt), and am working on several picture books. Too bad I can’t draw anything besides my own breath.

4) Walt: Three days into the same 2009 Poem-a-Day challenge, I contemplated ending the rouse that was my perceived poor attempt at poetry. Marie ‘s interest was piqued and she said she had enjoyed my work. I couldn’t disappoint her so I continued on to a modicum of success. If you call being named the 2010 Poet Laureate a modicum. Thanks partner.

5) Marie Elena: When Walt suggested a poetic collaboration, I calmly and demurely replied, “Sir, allow me to ponder your kind offer.” Yeah, right. I think my husband had to lasso me and pull me down from the ceiling.

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