Placid. Silent. Serene.
In the glint of moonlight,
you reverberate in my heart.
I had returned, as promised,
to this place we held dear. Right here.
Where the stars are so clear,
and the shadows cast on this stretch of sand,
point to a section of beach. Our oasis.
The call of the sea birds becomes
a soundtrack of sorts. And the crash of
Erie against the shore, stands as the only view
for my sad and longing heart..
Shards of moonlight dance, as scattered
as broken glass, across the water’s murkiness,
and in the glint of moonlight I remember.
Breathless and nervous, we were.
Loving and passionate, we were.
And so in love. We were
where we were meant to be.
The heat of that moment warmed
the sand beneath my feet and
you filled my heart as you did then.
In the glint of moonlight I felt
the warmth of your smile
and the sparkle your eyes left behind,
lit this evening sky. And I fell in love again.
In the glint of moonlight.



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