Note from Marie Elena:

Although “Across the Lake, Eerily” is a collaboration of, as we say, two kindred spirits (Walt and me), I desire to share the following poem and message below from a dearly loved cousin, who lived with my parents on Lake Erie for a time. Enjoy. 

By Christopher Daniel Donadio
It happened one day I admit
The spell of The Lake caught my eye
The thought that had captured me just wouldn’t quit
Until I would give it a try
The peninsula jutted 500 feet
Past the dock at the end of their yard
I knew I could do it just once, not repeat
What a fool for I knew not how hard
The idea occurred from the winds that blew
All the water out from Morin Point
Mud was all that remained and the idea grew
To cross over to McLearys Point
My aunt and uncle delighted at this
To think I would give it a shot
With encouragement, said, “Go ahead Chris”
And I waited until it was hot
The theory I had, the hot summer sun
Would dry up the mud for my path
What a lark I thought, oh this will be fun
What waited…an Erie Mud Bath
As the ladder was placed by the dock
Timidity rose with descent
You would laugh were you timing by clock
How quickly my plans would be rent
The first steps went well, yet doubt set in
Just twenty yards out mud was muck
The laughter it went from thickness to thin
As both boots in the mud became stuck

Note from the author:

This is a true story. Marie Elena’s parents are very encouraging, believing that their daughters, and their crazy nephew, could do anything to which they set their mind and heart.

I am one of the 6 cousins Marie writes about, who grew up as her back yard neighbor: the son of the mother who is the sister of her father. Marie has always been a great source of encouragement to me, even in my early days of writing poetry. With a few breaks in the silence in the last 20 years, I really haven’t written much poetry since living on the western half of “The Lake” near Marie and her family. I love your BlogSpot and your writings, Marie, and Walt, I love the poem of yours that Marie has shared with me (I believe it is titled “Down Syndrome Cousins”).


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