Across the lake, muse comes alive,
beauty comes to roost,
life comes to words so expressed.
Across the lake, a heart paces
the pulse of inspiration,
a contagious rendering of existence.
Across the lake, a woman accepts
the mantle she has been destined
to take up to claim her position as poet.
Across the lake, a man struggles
under the mire of muse, refusing
to silence a voice found over time.
Across the lake, the music 
of a collaboration of like souls
composes the symphony of poetic thought.
Across the lake, I find that jointly
this woman and man, kindred strangers,
embrace friendship for a common cause.
Across the lake, confidently,
friends who have never met
stand abreast in the celebration of words. 
Across the lake. Eerily. 



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