Start with yourself.
You’re a woman; you’re a man,
you don’t quite understand,
but you know if it starts
anywhere, it starts with you.
You are one.

Someone comes along
and likes what you do; your style,
you can’t help but smile,
because all you wanted was for
someone to take you seriously.
Both ones together; you become two.

The two of you have a plan,
a chance to spread the joy you feel,
and the feeling is real,
that when the next person joins your cause
you feel the load lessen.
Your small crowd is a company; you are three.

And so it goes, and so it goes.
You saw a chance and planted the seed.
Never assuming it was out of greed,
but out of a love for the world you believe in.
And you believed that if it started anywhere,
it started with you. You are one.

Each of us is one.

We are all one.



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