Eleven cousins, my sister, and me
a baker’s dozen, and potpourri
of personality and height –
a childhood of sheer delight.
We’d bundle up and steal away
to ice skate on a winter’s day;
or grab a quarter, towel, and suit
in summertime, in hot pursuit
of Waddell’s public swimming pool –
super crowded; super cool.
Our bike parades: big kids and small,
well-decorated, one and all.
Endless kickball or Red Rover;
who can find a four-leaf-clover;
swinging on the big front porch;
that little Chris was such a “scorch.” =)
These times I look most fondly on
are in the past and long-since gone.
But as I search them out, I find
they’re fondly tucked inside my mind.

Marie Elena


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