Say “998” in Buffalo
and all the old-timers knew where to go
for the bargains great and small,
narrow, wide and short and tall.
In the Broadway neighborhood,
back in the day when times were good,
there “Sattler’s” stood in all its glory
with these great deals on every story.
Take your car and go and park it,
across the street at the Broadway market

As department stores go, a great one,
unfortunately, a LATE and great one,
where mothers took the kids for clothes
her pots and pans, and panty hose,
some tools for dad, and grandpa’s pipe
and something for sister, so she won’t gripe.
School supplies, electric trains,
canning jars and cans of paint.
“Sattler’s” was the place you’d venture
for the cream to hold your denture.

But, a mighty wrecking ball
had made this wonder take a fall,
and sink into obscurity
for some profitability.
So all we’re left with are the dreams,
of rubber boots and butter creams.
For “998” had gone away,
replaced here by the big red “K”
And makes us long for yesterday.

Rest in Peace, old friend!

*** In subsequent years, the “K” store had also seen hard time and has closed.  Now the address wears her vacancy like a soiled badge.



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