Eventually, I returned.
Vibrancy eludes the moment,
as does vitality. The banality
of all that had transpired
lives in these fleeting seconds.
The door bell chimes and
goes unanswered. The key slides
emptily into the tumbler.
No dog barks; no feet shuffle
to greet me. Only silence.
Only emptiness. Faint memories
are all that resided there. Chairs
tucked neatly under the table
in your pristine kitchen. Your voice
silenced, faintly echoes in my mind.
The plants are left to cling to
the bit of life they have left.
The dish rack is dry and empty.
As are your cupboards.
And the refrigerator.
And our former life.
Lunchtime no longer belongs to us.
It is mine alone. Mine. Alone.
I touch your picture on the wall
and wipe my eyes. I lock the door.
This time, I leave the key. I take you with me.
All in passing.



One thought on “IN PASSING

  1. Walt,This, as well as the accompanying piece below, are excellent examples of your ability to brilliantly pour emotion into words. I've said it before, but I'm honored to be sharing this space with you.Marie Elena

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