A celebration.
A wake of sorts.
On the death of a Father,
a gathering of hearts
to herald the lives of parents
who had epitomized love
in that ancestral home.
A large sitting room;
a large dining room.
But, a cramped kitchen
was chosen to host that fete.
A conjoining of siblings
long removed from that hallowed ground
to rediscover the essence of them
in the presence of their spirit.
Do you hear it? Faint whispers,
contented sighs. Finally.
Brought together again for a cause.
A joyous pause regaled in lore,
lost in raucous laughter
after a long and painful struggle.
An atmosphere she would have loved.
A festive reunion he would have led.
One last communion: a Last Supper
given in tribute to the Mother who
bore and fed them, and a Father
who wore more hats than they knew.
Tried on for size, but never filling
his shoes. They could live with that.
In the presence of their spirit,
in the place that was home.
Walt                                                                                                              Photo by Walt Wojtanik

4 thoughts on “A GATHERING OF HEARTS

  1. Ken actually resembles my older brother Paul almost identically. I'm the one with the hair out of the four of us. Matt is Ken's boy 17 yrs and 6'7". Melissa and Andrea are mine (obviously) and Rene and Bryan are Tim's kids.

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