The second third of the year begins with weather patterns in flux, and poets all over the world are off soaking their tired muse, after the activity during National Poetry Month. Ambition and confidence has been stoked enough to prompt a new focus on getting our work published. Nothing new here Across the Lake. I’m sure Marie will allow me to speak for her when I say, our work strives to that end. May will seem like child’s play compared to the past thirty days, but activity levels will remain high in our quest for excellence. We may see some amazing things Across the Lake, Eerily. Or may not!



2 thoughts on “MAY, OR MAY NOT.

  1. Oh, you will Walter and Maria Elena. You're good poets both of you – and thanks.Please, where can I find an email adress to for instance Maria Elena?I'd like to write a direct email to Maria Elena.Thanks,Heiberg

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