In the starlit skies,
reflected upon the
gentle Erie rush
of wave and wind,
a star burst; bright and vivid,
livid with the explosion of color.
Shortly another flash,
varied and multi-colored
twinkles; a million glints
on these Great Lakes waters.
Scattered gulls honk in marvel
each burst bringing an avian
“ooh” and “aah”. A moment
to raise our eyes and lift
our voices in remembrance,
as the fireworks display
fades into another rapid burst.



7 thoughts on “ALL TO CELEBRATE

  1. Hello Walt, Hello Marie,Hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day with family, friends.We have had fireworks of varying degrees for Victoria Day but will have a bigger celebration on July 1, just days before the 4th.I always feel blessed on these days when both of our countries celebrate the freedom we treasure.Best to my favourite Great Lake Ee-e-e-rie poets!Patricia

  2. Thanks Patricia. Here in Buffalo, we are just a Peace Bridge away from Fort Erie, Ontario and both cities celebrate a "Friendship Festival" ( from the first to the fourth. There are festivities on both sides of the border and has become a wonderful tradition between our countries. It is funny to think that as a kid it seemed I watched more shows on Canadian channels (CHCH – out of Hamilton, CFTO, CBLT and CTV – out of Toronto). I particularly enjoyed SCTV which was a precursor to Saturday Night Live (when it USED to be funny). Have a safe celebration on the first and I'll take care of our end here on the fourth.

  3. Hey there to our Canadian neighbor and friend! Thanks for the sweet words, Patricia. I've been missing your voice at PA. Is it just me? I haven't spent as much time there as I like, and perhaps I've missed posts of yours in my rush. (?) Take care, and keep writing!M.E.

  4. Hello Marie and Walt! Both of your posts for this day are beautifully written! You both have been busy writing here since February! Awesome!!I'll have to allot a chunk of time to do some well spent reading here! Blessings to you both, my friends!

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