"Across the Lake, Eerily" has won The Versatile Blogger award!


  The 4 rules and our responses that accompany the Versatile Blogger award are:

1. Thank the person who loved you enough to bestow this gift.

We thank Dr. Pearl Ketover Prilik (http://www.drpkp.com/), for honoring our blog with The Versatile Blogger Award. Pearl is a published author, psychoanalyst, philanthropist, and poet. Her insight is always extraordinary and honest. In short, this encourager is a Pearl of great worth.

2. Share seven things about yourself.

1) Marie Elena: As a little girl, I used to “play” writer with my cousin, Susie. I did not attempt writing until middle age (that is, if one believes they will live to see 100).

2) Walt: My writing began as a tinker on our piano when I was thirteen. Melodies came easily, but the lyrical content was where I was at my most creative. As my music evolved into a more complex form, my poetry found substance.

3) Marie Elena: I’ve written poetry daily since April of 2009 when I attempted a Poem-A-Day Challenge. This is thanks in very large part to encouragement from my partner across the lake. In addition to my obsession with poetry, I write children’s short stories (one publication under my belt), and am working on several picture books. Too bad I can’t draw anything besides my own breath.

4) Walt: Three days into the same 2009 Poem-a-Day challenge, I contemplated ending the rouse that was my perceived poor attempt at poetry. Marie ‘s interest was piqued and she said she had enjoyed my work. I couldn’t disappoint her so I continued on to a modicum of success. If you call being named the 2010 Poet Laureate a modicum. Thanks partner.

5) Marie Elena: When Walt suggested a poetic collaboration, I calmly and demurely replied, “Sir, allow me to ponder your kind offer.” Yeah, right. I think my husband had to lasso me and pull me down from the ceiling.

6) Walt: I am a playwright who loves to pen poetry. I have three plays that have all won awards from Writer’s Digest Magazine, and had been performed on local stages around Buffalo, NY. However, my diversion (poetry) has become my passion.

7) We glean much enjoyment and mutual satisfaction from our kinship and collaboration. In addition, we are blessed to be part of a supportive poetic community.

3. Bestow this honor to 10 newly discovered or followed bloggers–in no particular order–who are fantastic in some way.

Here are the 10 blogs that we agree deserve this award:

http://thepopularitypapers.blogspot.com/ Amy Ignatow
http://whimsygizmo.wordpress.com/ De Jackson
http://ever-land.blogspot.com/ Chev Shire
http://inthecornerofmyeye.blogspot.com/ Mary Kling
http://caraholman.wordpress.com/ Cara Holman
http://pmpoetwriter.blogspot.com/ Patricia Anne McGoldrick
http://banana.blog.co.uk/ Michele Breton (a.k.a. Banana the Poet)
http://briarcat.wordpress.com/ Barbara Yates Young
http://marinelareka.com/ Marinela Reka
http://1ightverse.blogspot.com/ R.J. Clarken

And if allowed our Honorable Mention list would include:
http://shutta.com/ Shutta Crum
http://www.kellyhashway.com/ Kelly Hashway

4. Drop by and let your ten new friends know you admire them.

It is our pleasure to honor you with this Versatile Blogger Award. We have chosen you because we feel you ignite the writing community with your professionalism, support, and talent. We are thankful for the way in which you represent writers, and we are honored to be associated with you.


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