The vision of a friend; seeker of artistic worth.
How on earth did she ever find this connection?

But the direction she chose to expose that eye,
a far cry from Toledo, across the Erie Lake toward Buffalo.

Little did she know, the voice she heard spoke in words
that expressed a devotion to song, lyrical and lilting; lifting

an unsure foot, and then the next. Small steps into his world
unfurling the banner of poetic pondering, wondering if her words

could touch the soul of one she perceived so gifted,
lifted by his support and recognition; a position reciprocated

in kind. In his mind, he is driven, given the opportunity
to share in poetic unity; like minds finding a common bond.

Hands across the lake, reaching and teaching each other,
a rhyming sister and brother, related by their poetry, knowing

they are enhanced by their presence, in essence their words
become their umbilical, joining and nourishing their combined muse.

He is used to relying on her friendship; a necessary camaraderie
in her eye, the window to their personalities, a view to their worlds.  



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