Graceful and heartful, smart,
full of vigor to fight the rigors of life
as defined. You don’t mind
because at your side, having your back,
is a friend. In need, indeed;
when not needed, wanted just the same.
The game is simple. Having a friend is being
a friend. Faceless, replaceless
never graceless, with a spacious heart.
From start to end, a Good friend is priceless.
Good as gold, and then some. Without end.



5 thoughts on “FRIEND TO NO END

  1. Mariinela! Wonderful to see you here Across the Lake! Yes, Walt's poem is lovely, and touched me deeply. Keep writing … I know you will.Adrienne, I just visited your blog, and saw that Walt beat me to it this evening. Keep up the good work out there.Mary, you are such a gem. Thank you once again for your wonderful support of our endeavors.M.E.

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