I’m living in a country where I’m blessed;
where I can freely read God’s word at will.
Without the fear of seizure and arrest,
I drink it in to get my daily fill.
Not everybody sees it as God’s word;
some see it as a convoluted text.
I can’t believe their hearts would not be stirred;
a thought that leaves me saddened and perplexed.
I cannot fathom life without this gift
that speaks to me through times of pain and strife.
Without God’s word, my heart would be adrift,
and, aimlessly, I’d wander through this life.
Immersed inside The Word, I’m right at home —
My Father is the author of this tome.

Thankful for this freedom.

Marie Elena


10 thoughts on “MY BIBLE (A SONNET)

  1. Walt & Marie Elena.I stopped reading non-poem comments on PA precisely for this reason the last time toes/feelings got bludgeoned near to death. Peace & hope your return, even tho I have no idea what happened….'cause I'm playing deaf, dumb & blind.a.c. leming

  2. Ah HA! So, it WAS you who penned this beautiful sonnet…I was wondering, when reading the MWOs. I said it on the WR, and I say it here, I love it. Thank you for sharing it with us all.

  3. Dear, dear Marie,I've read a lot of sonnets, and I can honestly say this is the best and my favorite out of all of them (Take THAT, Shakespeare). This is perfect in a lot of ways.Thanks again for sharing.Londy

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