winds blow,
                                           and cooler
                                           over Great Lake
                                           waters.An eerie sense
                                           of finality raises over the
                                           horizon and blends frantically
                                           with the darkening cloud patches,
                                           traces of Summer becoming fainter
                                           memories. Autumn waits ever impatiently,
                                           fighting for a dominance; prominence, meeting
                                           resistance. In the distance, a lone boat tracks, sail
                                           billowed in the stiff breeze, a genteel serenity commands
                                           the late afternoon. You swoon over the beauty as it faintly
                                           waves of emotions and Erie’s redundant tide.
                        A whiff of warmth lingers, as you can count the fingers on one hand
                              the number of the times the lake had disappointed. Turning
                                        toward shore, the shifting wind brings the single
                                               sailor homeward. Summer sets sail.



8 thoughts on “SUMMER SETS SAIL

  1. Walt, this little send-off to summer is a wonderfully smooth wall of words. The concrete poem shape is great and as I re-read the poem, the syllables of long and short words just seem so effective for the theme of the poem.I think this one could even sail over to Lake Huron! Terrific Tuesday to you and the Erie team!Patricia

  2. Thanks Kimiko. I'm out here. Working on some, and clearing some cobwebs. Keep a watchful eye. I may be back, but for now, you can check my other blogs and get you all the Walt you want.Keep poeming, I'm still reading.

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