I was drawn to their son.
The kind blue eyes
That softened, and crinkled in the corners
When they dared make contact with mine.
The broad shoulders,
That beckoned me to lay my head
Against the chest they framed.
The unassuming demeanor
That spoke volumes to me
Of how he was raised.
But my heart had been wounded.
My trust had been broken.
My spirit was guarded.
Until I met them.
And I saw
The kind blue eyes
That softened, and crinkled in the corners
When they made contact with hers.
The kiss placed tenderly on her head.
The hand that gently stroked her cheek.
The whispered prayer that honored her.
The heart that took in
Every word she spoke,
Every breath she drew.
And I knew
Their son,
Who was stealing my heart,
Could be trusted.

Marie Elena

Photo by Ron Gries
To Mom and Dad Good, with much love and great respect.

11 thoughts on “LIKE FATHER, LIKE SON

  1. I almost had to get the tissues on this one. Marie, this is definitely one of my new favorites out of all yours.(Knowledge that this is true, this is real, makes it all the more beautiful.)The formatting and repetition of the first part here;"Until I met them.And I sawThe kind blue eyes…"And how it segues so smoothly into the satisfying conclusion made me smile–widely. It's like a song.

  2. Wow. Thank you so much, Londy. Yes, it is true. Mom and Dad Good are such an inspiration, and I couldn't be more thankful for the values they instilled in my Keith…. and, LondyLuv, when are you going to start a blog, so I can relish in your creativity and contagious faith?M.E.

  3. You have been blessed for so many years, Marie. And I know that they must feel the same about having you in their lives.You do them proud with your words and sentiments, my friend. Yours is a wonderful tribute. Thank you so much for sharing.

  4. Oh, Marie. This poem reminds me SO much of the moment I met my hubbie's daddy, and two of his older brothers. There was such a revelation: these Jackson men are for real. And such a relief. Just beautiful. So glad you found a truly Good man.

  5. I just realized my comment went missing. Maybe I neglected to hit "Post Comment." 😦 Clauds, I can't believe I totally missed your comment. And now I know you are away for a couple of weeks. I'll have to thank you when you return. In the meantime, my prayers are with you a Jo. And I'm just a weee bit jealous. ;)De, we really are blessed, aren't we? God is good!!

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