It’s a tranquil lake that licks the shoreline,

a gentle taste; longing for the familiar flavor

of a summer sent packing. Lacking much
in the way of seasoning, but anxious for the season
that approaches. It can be heard in soft sounds.
Not rambunctious and raucous; more tip-toey

and cautious. Secretive. Seductive. Luring

and alluring. Stirring the paint pot with
a broad brush, coloring the landscape to offer

a grand escape from the hum-drum. Some

certainly envision the splay of oranges and golds,

crimsons and whatever else nature holds for our viewing.

Autumn is brewing. Not with an extravagant entrance,
but with a warm nuzzle; a comfortable caress.

Hushed words expressing what a heart can feel.

Hear it in the whistle of wind. Listen to the rustle of the leaves.
See it in the palette of the Grand Master’s artful stroke.
Embrace the whispers of a serene and assuring nature.



4 thoughts on “WHISPERS

  1. This is fantastic. I love the hushed tones, the sentence fragments combined with longer sentences. It creates the perfect sensations. My heart started beating faster as I was reading it!My favorite part;"It can be heard in soft sounds.Not rambunctious and raucous; more tip-toeyand cautious. Secretive. Seductive. Luringand alluring."And I also love the reference to "Grand Master."

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