Silently she sits,
vigilant, ever-concerned.
More trouble than a Good
and loving soul should stand.
Making a grand plea for peace
for a troubled daughter,
an aging father, and
a mother-in-law that is
as Good as her name.
Just the same, she’d rather
cuddle on the couch,
contemplating poetry
and wearing her “Buckeye Pride”,
while inside there is
a sentinel, a guard of her sanity
and her heart. Always that Good man
near to keep her well-rounded,
grounded in her faith; relief
in every belief on which she was raised.
Praise to He who is deserving,
never swerving from her heart.
But for now, she sits.
Silently. Steadfast.
Good to the last.



13 thoughts on “ER

  1. Just came back from a walk, over here. The sky was amazing with the bottom third azure blue, the middle some white cirrus clouds and the top a grayish blue, going towards the night. Take care, my Erie poets!Patricia

  2. Walt,This is so beautiful! What a tribute. I happen to agree with it down to the very last word.Wonderfully written. Not only does it show what a beautiful soul Marie has, but it shows yours as well.Thank you for this.

  3. Walt,I wanted to thank you for revealing this portrait of Marie. She often poo-poo's the idea that friends find her such an anchor of strength. She does so much for those around her, sometimes with little more than one word of compassion. Perhaps that is why we've come to love her as much as we do.Marie, as always, you know my heart and why I feel the way I do. Clauds

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