When the beckoning telephone causes your heart to race,
and you awaken each morning to daunting and disturbing truths,
be reminded of the friends God has placed upon your path.
In the midst of these disconcerting times, this painful trend,
this season of anguishing heartache and languishing disquiet,
I will lift my face to the heavens — and I will choose joy.

I search the lake for still waters, yet see riotous wave
after riotous wave, thus hindering my view of the lighthouse.
Yet the Light of the World illuminates my path to joy.

Marie Elena


19 thoughts on “THREE IN SIJO FORM

  1. Marie Elena, The first line of this poem is so true to life, that most of us have experienced at one time or another–so well-put.Lighthouses along the Great Lakes have always been cherished beacons. Those red and white towers on Lake Huron have found their way into family vacation photos, my poems and memories. Wishing you always a steady stream of Light, especially on the stormier days. Take care.Patricia

  2. Marie, I love so much that you use your gift to share your emotions right now. "I will lift my face to the heavens… and I will choose joy." I'm right there with you, Cuz.

  3. Welcome back to your home, Marie Elena!In Canada, we are looking forward to Thanksgiving–always so much to be thankful for!It has been a good year and a great harvest!Patricia

  4. Thanks Patricia, but it was Walt who was away. I know it can be confusing out here. We were twins, separated at birth. Kinda like the movie "Twins," only … um … not. But if so, I get to be Schwarzenegger. I called it first.(Okay, De Vito?) 😉 But seriously, thanks so much! I do LOVE autumn. I wish I could have seen De Vito, er … Walt's view of the trees that he describes above. Wow. Patricia, when is your Thanksgiving?

  5. Sues, it does my heart good to see you "out here." Yes, writing can be very therapeutic, as you well know! Even if I'm not expressing my emotions, writing in itself is something constructive to focus on. Hang in there yourself, Cuz. Oh! And I can't wait to see Dad's scarlet and gray slippers! 😉

  6. Thanks for the clarification! WW & ME– The two of you are such kindred poetic spirits that sometimes it is difficult to decipher the voice!!!! It is almost "eerie" when you think about it!:)Marie Elena–our Canadian thanksgiving is this Monday, October 11, the second Monday of October. The weather is supposed to be great for most of the weekend so looking forward to it!

  7. Marie, just checking in and praying that your path stays lit. The 'street' seems dimmer without your full presence, and you are very missed. *Prayers for you and yours*

  8. Colette and Londy, your comments, love, and prayers touch me greatly. Londy, of course you may print it to post on your wall. I'm so honored that you asked! I hope everything is well with you, Hon. Colette, thanks so much for making me feel "missed" as well. I miss getting to read you daily as well. Hopefully in the not-too-distant future, I'll be able to get back in full swing again.

  9. Marie, you are welcome. And now it's my turn to be out of swing for a while. My dad is off all life support now, he had another stroke on Saturday. We are flying there tomorrow. I normally never ask for help or prayers or anything, and I certainly do NOT want comments and undue attention on PA but it's a complicated situation and I'm going out on a ledge to reach out to someone. Anyway I don't know when I will be back to PA. Right now it seems folly to write poetry. You always have such a sweet heart and I just needed to reach out to someone, and I know with what you are going thru we can prop each other up too. Take care.

  10. Oh, Colette … I'm so sorry as well. Add my thoughts and prayers and ear and shoulder to Walt's on your behalf. Are you on Facebook? I'd love to be in touch in a more private venue. I'm on FB as my full name(Marie Elena Good). Feel free to "friend" me out there, and we can PM each other. Walt is there, too.In the meantime, take care, and may God give you and your family comfort and peace of mind and heart.Marie

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