At 4:30 a.m., she left this world.
I can only imagine she gazed with sheer awe into the eyes of God,
and had trouble looking away, even momentarily, to greet her Mom and Dad,
and others who were excitedly waiting to throw their arms around her
 and welcome her home.
They now have the honor of her gracious presence,
while we will be without.
They have the pleasure of her lovely, ready smile,
while we will need to content ourselves with one-dimensional photographs,
and warm memories that we will not allow to dull.
Keith and I count it a privilege to have accompanied her on her journey.
Bearing witness to Dad’s adoration of her to the very end,
we walked with them hand-in-hand to the line separating this world
from the next.
It was there that Dad tenderly and selflessly encouraged her to
 “Go ahead, Dolly.”
A man of valor. A woman of nobility.
An exceptional love story
 that will not end with the death of one’s earthly vessel.

Thank you, Mom, for making it easy for me to call you “Mom.” You will be deeply missed.

Marie Elena

Deloris Jean Good
November 8, 1939 – October 26, 2010

22 thoughts on “MOM

  1. Oh, Marie. I'm so sorry for your loss, but so thankful that you have a mama who knew how to love. She must be one beautiful lady.I'm wrapping my arms around you in love an' support; you, an' your whole family. May the blessing of comfort be yours, as you say a brief goodbye to a special angel in flight.Hugs from Yaya

  2. I thought you would like to know that when I clicked to publish my comment, I was asked to copy the word verification. "Whings."Rather appropriate, don'tcha' think? ~ Yaya

  3. Sorry to hear of Keith's and you loss, Marie. I know the special love that you shared with "Mom", as you have shared through you words and thoughts posted here and elsewhere. We are blessed in many ways in our lives, and God had blessed you in bringing your wonderful husband into your realm of influence and giving you a stake in his family. Also very special in that you and Mom now share for eternity the fact that you were "Born" on the same day. You in life; she in Eternal Life. Keep her in your heart and I'll continue her in prayer along with "Dad" Good and the rest of the family.

  4. Marie,The families that bring you in, even once they know you, even though they don't have to, have a special place. I'm glad you got to experience that and I'm sorry to hear she has passed. Thinking of you.

  5. Marie, what a lovely and I'm sure very fitting tribute to a lovely lady. You have been truly blessed to have her in your life, if only for a short while. She will be waiting for you with open arms. Take strength from God, He will get you through this very sad time.

  6. Marie, Your words always move me to tears. I am so sorry to hear of your loss. What a beautiful tribute to an exceptional woman. The warmth of your feelings definitely comes through in your writings. Love you!

  7. Dear MarieA woman of valor is as was writtenmore precious thangold, silver, or rubiesA mother who loves andis loved through lifeand beyond this lifeis a woman of incomparablegraceA woman who is lovedby such a woman carriesher legacy in her heartand immortalizes her spiritshowering all with lovein tears of loss andsmiles of remembranceWith deepest respect and sympathy for your lossThank you for your beautiful tributeTake very good care of yourself and your family

  8. MOTHER'S SONGSSongs my mother taught me,In the days long vanish'dSeldom from her eyelidsWere the teardrops banish'd.Now I teach my childrenEach melodious measure,Oft the teardrops flowing,Oft they flow from my mem'ry's treasure.– Author UnknownMarie – you and your family are in my thoughts. (((Hugs)))

  9. Marie,Your beautiful tribute to the woman you loved so much shows your love in every word. You were so lucky to have had such a relationship with her. The tenderness with which you speak of this woman makes me wish I had known her. You were her gift and your thoughts of her will keep her alive in your heart. I also wrote a message to you on FB.

  10. When a treasure becomes hidden from mortal vision, we have only our memories to kkep a record of its value and appearance. Your words hold more love than most since they reveal all of her joy of journey rather than regrets. That's so very special.ClaudsPlease give my warmest wishes for peace to Keith, Dad Good, and the rest of the family.

  11. Oh my. How could anyone ask for better friends, both "cyber" and "face-to-face." You are all so dear to me. RJ, Pearl, Joany, Terrie, Patricia, Chev, Willy, Barbara, Kate, Clauds, Colette, and Pamela — My beautiful and caring "writerly" friends — I'm blessed and thankful to have you in my life. Joany, "Whings" is, indeed, so appropriate. I'm missing you, btw. 😦 RJ and Pearl, the poems are beautiful and meaningful. Thank you soooo much!Jackie, you know I love you, too. I hope to see you and Kath Weds morning. Huge hugs to you!Walt: Your sentiment is endearing, beautifully expressed, and precious to me.

  12. Marie Elena – I was away when your mother died and only learned or your loss tonight … her strength and spirit are certainly reflected in you, her gentle, beautiful daughter – I think you are one of the kindest souls to have ever graced the Poetic Asides site. And talented as well! The tribute you wrote is stunning – I'm sure your heart aches with missing your Mom; I wish you peace. Come back to us when you can. Take care.

  13. Good morning, Sharon. Your sweet and generous words are so touching, and humble me greatly. It is actually my mother-in-law who passed away. God blessed me with the most amazing "in-laws." My Keith has had a rough go of it, having lost his best friend in the spring, and now his mother in the fall. Life can be challenging sometimes, can't it?I hope you are doing well. I miss your poetry at PA, and hope to get back there soon. Thank you again for taking the time to send your kind thoughts my way. You are such a sweetheart, Sharon. M.E.

  14. Beautiful, Marie. It brought tears to my eyes. With one of my munchkins on my lap as I type this, I pause to hug her and kiss the top of her head. Life is so very precious – in the beginning, throughout, and the end.May God be with you all, and ease your pain. Love and hugs.

  15. Shauna, De, and Sally: Thank you so much to all of you for your kind and thoughtful words. Sally, it is actually my mother-in-law. De, I'm so sorry about your mom. Such a tremendous loss, and I'm sure you still feel it today. Hugs to all three of you beautiful women.Marie Elena

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