We feel like we’ve lost you too soon,
but just when we’re needing a boon,
we’ll look up and smile:
in true Powers style
you’ve platinum-plated the moon.

Marie Elena

Inspired by my cousin, Carrie Powers-Miller.  Thanks for the idea of Uncle Jim and Punk platinum-plating the heavens! 

Also inspired by my son, Brandon, who was inspired by his Aunt Peggy (my seeester), who was inspired by Truvy, who reminded us that “It’s all right. Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion.” Truvy (Dolly Parton); Steel Magnolias. 

The edit of this credit was inspired by Peg, who read it, then reminded me that it was *she who told my son to get it.   



2 thoughts on “HERE’S TO MORE BUSINESS!

  1. I love that, Marie. "Here's to new business." 😀 The sense of humor you and your family obviously have at this time, the joy you're finding in those things, does my heart good.You done Good. ;)Beautiful images. Beautiful people. Wish I could meet all your family! 😀 :-*Wonderful poem.

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