With penchant for the written rhyme,
He’s now in his poetic prime.
The years have only added days
To wheedle words, or turn a phrase;
To woo a reader, pierce a vein —

And it is here that he’ll remain.

Marie Elena

Happy birthday to the best mentor a girl could ever ask for. Here’s to future decades of sweet-talking your muse into dancing ‘til the sun comes up.



  1. You know Darlin', as long as I have a friend like you, the sun never goes down in the first place. And making my muse dance is more than sweet talk, it's survival. And don't think you're the only one learning something from this association. Thanks for all you do, and for the lovely tribute.Glad to have you in my life!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Walt! I am so glad Marie 'introduced' me to you. You've made my life better with your poetry. :)I hope you have a great birthday!Marie, I love your tribute.

  3. Happy birthday, God bless you!Hope your birthday wish comes true.Ditto Luceverita's comment. Your poetry, yours and Marie Marie's, are such beautiful stuff. Thanks so much for the continued inspiration and beauty you share each and every day.

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