Set adrift.
Surrounded on all sides,
a man stands, aloof,
proof of his arrogance.
There is an ignorance
that precedes him,
An apathy that defines him.
Lost in a sea of self-import,
he’ll resort to anything
to make his point. Annointed
in his mind, he will soon find
a need. Lessons of a life,
rife with pitfall and valleys,
he’ll someday rally. Treading water.
Clutching to the life preserver called hope.
Survival awaits, as long as he stays afloat.

2 thoughts on “NO MAN IS AN ISLAND

  1. Funny, but no. Not a personal commentary (not all of it anyway). You know me, just attacking the prompt from all angles. Striking the heart is what I do (but YOU knew that). Don't be too amazed, Dear. I am just a man who realized long ago that he was not an island. But thank you for that.

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