Unfurled, my canvas tightens,
taut and rigid in the strength
of a gale force wind. Beginning
and ending with the gusts
prevailing, sailing into the waters,
uncharted and unsure. It is purely
the epitome of self-sufficiency;
this proficiency so star-guided
provides me with the direction I crave.
In it, I am saved, a navigator of
life’s currents. Wave after wave,
I am coaxed toward shore, for sure
more open waters await me.
My sole journey continues undeterred

2 thoughts on “SAIL

  1. How ironic to read "Sail" on this freezing cold winter day!Celebrated family day here in Ontario with a movie and dinner. Went to a restaurant that uses big sheets of brown craft paper for table cloth. They provide a cupful of crayons. I drew a sketch of a sail boat captained by a "poet"–caption read "Go sailing!" Forgot to say which "great lake"!Patricia

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