MARIA ELENA (by Jerry Vale, Marty Robbins and others)

Much to share in answer to every prayer,
an ability to touch a heart in a caring
manner, hiding her banner
contrary to her ability, a verbal agility
that floors me; it never bores me.
A beacon bright shedding her blessed light
on every soul she encounters.
Each mounting day says much
to an inner beauty and charm,
arm-in-arm with the men who carry her:
He who made her and the lucky one to marry her.
A miracle of mirth and motherhood,
a “Good” and decent woman. No man
could be luckier to befriend her,
a pillar of loving grace on her end of
a lake, Great and eerie. Dearie,
you make my day. I’m proud to say
and you can bet, the best friend
I STILL haven’t met!



5 thoughts on “MARIA ELENA (by Jerry Vale, Marty Robbins and others)

  1. What a tribute, Walt!It is almost "Eerie", how you two poets "still haven't met" in real. How great to have these "modern" connections for enabling the meeting of poetic minds!Patricia

  2. This has to be one of the cutest poems EVER! Thanks so much for posting, Walt. I have to agree. She IS the best friend I've never met, and I hope so very much that you and she do, one day. 🙂

  3. Thank you, ladies! Londy, Walt wrote this poem in response to a Poetic Asides prompt to write a poem inspired by a song title. The original song was written by (I believe) Lorenzo Barcelata. It was performed my many, including the musicians/singers Walt points out. It's the song my dad named me after. Walt's tribute leaves me utterly speechless.

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