PRINTS (Sophie’s Sonnet)

A woman knows instinctively, it seems,
Which moments will leave prints upon her soul.
Her future life weaves fabric through her dreams
And writes upon her heart, as though a scroll.
A woman thinks she knows what to expect
From pioneering moments in her world –
Anticipation of events’ effects,
And how her heart will feel as they’re unfurled.
Yet, there was I, as wholly unprepared
As if I’d never given you a thought.
My heart and hub were all-at-once ensnared –
I would convey in words, yet I cannot.
Sophia Rose: a gift from God above –
New life. New breath. New gift. New print. New love.

Marie Elena (Nonna Marie)

Photo by Marie Elena Good

12 thoughts on “PRINTS (Sophie’s Sonnet)

  1. Aw, our dear Marie Marie, this is so purty (and so is baby Sophia, of course). I got all teary eyed, reading it. I wonder when your feet are going to start touching the ground again….

  2. Thank you so much, Melissa! I wish you all God's best with your new book. I'm serious about wanting your autograph, once my copy arrives. I can't wait to read it to my Little Sophie Sunshine. =)

  3. Happy birthday to beautiful Sophie Rose who has brought such joy to your world. Thank you for sharing that smiling face with us. Lovely poem that she will undoubtedly cherish …. “Little Sophie Sunshne”. Happy birthday today and all the year through ❤

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