Polish lad
    Friday’s child
      Smidgen wild

        Stuff fixer
          Rhyme mixer
            Beach walker
              Ed talker

                Hard worker
                   P.A. lurker
                    Bills fan
                      Buckeye man

                        Poem writer
                          Sleep fighter
                            Word gifter
                              Mood lifter

                                Lake dweller
                                  Funny feller
                                    Smile bearer
                                      Blog sharer

Marie Elena

There.  I KNEW I’d seen a photo from your BeatleMagic Ed Sullivan gig.  Hope you don’t mind that I snooped through your FB photos and snatched your Ed Sullivan impersonation pic, Partner. Too fun! Now maybe my “Ed talker” line will make a little more sense to people, eh? 😉  


8 thoughts on “KENNING’S WALT

  1. Quite unexpected, I must say. Thank you friend. The fact that you sensed it was sorely needed today says a lot about our "connection". I'm just half of a great blog. Respect runs right down the middle of the lake. A two-way waterway.

  2. I've felt that hand on my shoulder more than once, as you well know. Glad to lend you one, although I can't say I "knew" it was needed. A connection, indeed.Hannah-esque smiles from the other side.

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