The milk of human kindness pours
freely; clearly. Nearly everyone
aspires to a higher calling,
but ends up falling flat on their
best intentions. Conventional wisdom
is a conscienable nudge to action.
But, only a fraction of the folk
respond. It is beyond comprehension,
not to mention beyond reason.
Those who want stand in legion
pleading, needing to just sustain;
a respite from the torrential rain
life pours down. Sounds simple,
but pride becomes the pimple
that blemishes the clear complexion
of a complex humanity. Such insanity
is treated in a fashion, a mix
of compassion and ignorance. And all
that is required is an effort,
a sort of determination to improve
the station of those who had lost their way.
Do it because you want to; do it
because you can. Take a stand;
you’ll be better for it. Don’t ignore it,
we’re all deserving of one good turn.



One thought on “ONE GOOD TURN

  1. Oh now this one gets an AMEN shouted from across the lake. Good thing sound carries and magnifies on the water, eh? In your comment below, you refer to the "curse" of internal rhyme. I see it as one of your creative blessings, Walt. Your brain naturally takes you that direction. Mine does not. I've sat down many-a-time, trying to mimic your style. It just doesn't work for me. It's not my voice. It's yours. =)

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