A sailor, on leave back at home
from his deployment on the USS Borie,
this story has been told by many old
salts of his day. Along the way she
attracted his eye; fetching, catching
his heart off guard. It wasn’t hard to see
the attraction, and her reaction to him
was cool at best. But, at his request
she relented, and that sent the gears
into motion. Navigating without an ocean
but steered by the stars in her eyes
his skies became clear. It was the strangest
thing when a young man’s fancy turns in Spring!



One thought on “A YOUNG MAN’S FANCY (1949)

  1. SOOO endearing, Walt! Love the internal rhymes in this piece (nothing unusual about that), and what a great-looking couple! Lovely, lovely tribute, perfectly suited for spring!

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