The days count down, and this town has been embroiled in autumn weather since late august. The weather gurus always see the glass half full with a chance of thunder storms. But, it warms my heart to see that everything around me says we’re almost into falling temperatures and foliage, sometimes in that order. Up across the border, the Canadian cold fronts are aligning and I’m finding it harder to ignore. Emploring the meteorologisal gods for 30% probability of a break is asking a lot. And the rains fall. From gentle showers to deliberate downpours, the weather whores make us pay the price. We think twice knowing we’ve got to get our affairs in order. And so, the lawn gets a good grooming, all while moving the snow blower closer to the door. The windows get caulked and sealed, a big deal when the Buffalo winds start to reel. All the cars get a going over in preparation for the ice and cold. I’m getting too old for this shit. I better get it together for the inclement weather. The days are counting down. Goodbye Summer. We hardly knew ye! I thought I was a resillient fella, but where the hell did I put my umbrella?




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