The ends usually justify the means.
A circuitous route at best,
a tremendous life-long journey at least.

A feast for the eyes, I was surprised
that I was attracted and reacted as I had.
Suffice it to say, I was glad, but for a lad

who was as shy as the day was long,
it took a strong bit of self-prompting
to make her acquaintence.

I was a loner, rink-rat, hockey manager
managing to keep a cool exterior
when my interior was a bundle of nerves.

The gentle curves of her hips and behind
(which of course, I didn’t mind)
played little part in my false bravado,

as far as I know, she played me cooly
and it was duly noted
that she may have been devoted

to having me notice her from afar,
so I could get a closer look.
And speaking of looks,

she was petite, very sweet,
cocoa eyes and a smile that,
while it blared, flared from ear to ear

(did I mention her hips and rear?)
freckled nose and clothes that hugged her
as much as I dreamed to. It seemed

when she’d get the opportunity, she’d stare,
but I was too busy to notice beyond
her waist long auburn hair.

It was there that my heart fluttered.
I muttered some words that evoked a smile,
and while I choked back my heart

a funny thing happened.
It started to beat again, hard and strong,
long after that first glance. She was a first chance

at a love so aspired. I was wired and jittery,
but she just smiled. All of sweet sixteen,
and me nineteen and never thinking

I would be thinking of her this way.
And I do to this day, but in another way.
In memory of that first meeting

and this fleeting sense of fortune.
A neighbor of a cousin of a girlfriend of my brother.
She still orbits my planet. Her name was Janet.





  1. I found a stack of e-mails that we had exchanged the year prior to her decline. To see her words of love and encouragement were wonderful and heartbreaking at the same time. Like I said, I had been thinking a lot about her recently (that’s why). She nudged me into taking up the PAD in ’09. So many extraordinary things have happened because of that. So as much as I try to move on, she’s still by my side. Go figure! 😀

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