BETWEEN YOU AND ME (Yep. More silliness, in Decuain form.)

Lake Erie sits between us like a … lake.
Toledo’s shallow end is home to Jeep.

(One “shallow” quip from you, I’ll pound your … cake!
Remember, what you sow is what you’ll reap –
but I’ll admit your Erie end is deep).

You Buffalonians now brew LaBatt
But don’t expect to get it on the cheap.
(Unless you pop the bung and drain the vat).

I’d offer you a Mud Hens baseball hat,
But, as a Bison, you would NOT wear that.

You chastise me, my use of hat for cap?
And reprimand my use of vats for beer?
Okay, so please forgive my slight mishap,
But know that barrel don’t cost less, m’dear.

Excuse my blather – thoughts just won’t cohere.
Forgive my rhymes so obviously forced.
I didn’t mean to hurt your expert ear.
Perhaps my Decuain would be best outsourced.

Now, lose that smirk and wipe away that sneer,
Or buster, you can stick it in your ear!

Marie Elena


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