On the edge of reason, we watched and waited.

We hated being helpless, and I guess

we hated being the target of hate.

Many were functioning as they normally had,

but then every man, woman, mom and dad

had much to explain to minds that could not

comprehend. It had sent a strong message,

that we should be ever-vigilant and can’t

let down our guard. It is hard to preach trust

when the thrust of such extreme proportion

penetrates our collective spirit. They thought

they’d split it in two. It is true that we fight

amongst each other, like any “sister” and “brother”

but let another interfere and we’ll be here united

to fight it tooth and nail. We had stumbled, but did not fail.

May God continue to Bless America!

© – Walter J. Wojtanik – 2012


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