My “Partner in Rhyme” MARIE ELENA GOOD and I have both garnered spots in the Top 10 for the POETIC ASIDES Haibun Challenge.

Congratulations to Taylor Graham for the Top Spot

  1. Splash of Silence, by Taylor Graham
  2. Widow’s Walk, by Andrea Fleming
  3. Cricket, by Walt Wojtanik
  4. “Riding the ocean waves…,” by Marjory M. Thompson
  5. Twenty Games Back, by Bruce Niedt
  6. “In the cooling shade…,” by Jane Penland Hoover
  7. Her Tokens, by Taylor Graham
  8. “Tiny feet splash…,” by Sheila Moore
  9. Implosion, by Marie Elena Good
  10. Labor Day in Texas, by ChristineA

My entry:


Night falls, and all comes to rest as best as can be allowed. The shroud of Autumn lurks and works its way into this scene. Serene and sedate. The late summer air is soothed by symphonic sounds. A soft chirp begins the overture, and it’s for sure that it will play until morning. The strains are lilting, never wilting or reaching crescendo, a slow and steady melody. Music of the night.

hidden musician
playing through the gentle night
delight in your song


Marie’s Entry:


Slowly, methodically, fear rips her from herself. Fear of being with people. Fear of being alone. Fear of travel. Fear of going nowhere. Fear of opinions of others. Fear of her own thoughts. Fear of what she knows. Fear of what she knows not. Fear of music. Fear of books. Fear of her beloved NY Times crosswords. Fear of putting pen to paper. Fear of putting brush to canvas. Fear of diagnosis. Fear of no diagnosis. Fear of God. Fear of no God. Fear of voices. Fear of silence. Fear of death. Fear of life. I loathe the illness, as I witness my precious daughter’s implosion. Yet, when one cannot stand to be in one’s own skin for another moment in time, to where does one implode? A small measure of relief comes in the form of medication, accompanied by its own miserable, alarming effects. She and I, nearly six hundred miles apart, share the same cosmos … the same need for answers.

vast universe
hushed moon
sheds no light



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