Stretched out on a tranquil raft
feeling the ebb and flow pulling,
turning and yearning to cast off
where peace is a place you can feel.

The brightness fills your eyes
and the skies are a glowing reflection
not needing protection, or harbor.
Coming to a point, a destination

near the nurses station, waiting
for the procedure to begin. A din of
activity; voices and choreography
around your anchored bed and above

your head you hear said,
“we’re just going to give you
this injection…” and your detection
fails. Waves of consciousness pull

tugging your sensibilities and
your abilities are left in the hands
of the man navigating into you with
a surgeon’s skill. It will bring you

back; from Doc to dock tethering you
to resume the journey life has mapped.
No longer trapped in a sedated state
you wait for your mind to clear.

So from here, you go drifting
in and out of sleep, keeping
your head above the tide steeling
your pride, and hiding your scar.


Drifting in and out of consciousness from a surgical procedure this morning, feeling much like the rise and fall of the tides.


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