Violence in electric downpour
trying to snore as the thunder rolls,
my tired soul yearns for some quiet
while this riot is incited. Lightning
dances and is excited. Waiting for the
tympani of noise to recoil. All toil
in a mid-summer storm.


Prompted by POETS UNITED – Verse First – Water Table


8 thoughts on “STORMY WEATHER

  1. I find it nearly impossible to sleep during a thunderstorm. And the ‘excited dance’ of lightning also helps to keep me awake.

  2. Even when I cover my head with a pillow, I KNOW it’s still there. The ozone smell invades my pillow; the excitement I feel about thunderstorms pries me like a crowbar from my bed and I sit near the picture window, watching the show… Yes, you captured the scene in all its “interruptory glory”!

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