This is a proud man.
Proud of his family heritage.
Proud to carry on traditions and values of his parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents.
Pleased to pass this heritage on to his daughters.
Yet, also pleased that he is able to recognize, admit, and sift out
that which should remain in the past.

This same past which brings him such pride is also a source of concern.
The kernel of fear that resides deep within, usually kept at bay,
Sometimes swells to make itself noticed,
causing at times anxiety,
at times melancholy.
This is because the kernel of fear is coupled with a bent toward perfection,
and desire to halt unwanted addictions.

This is a man of ethics.
Blue-collar work rightfully does not intimate him,
and in fact is another source of pride.

This is a man of faith.
He believes in God,
and wishes to hear His voice more often than he does.
He seeks God’s guidance and forgiveness, and is pleased
when he truly senses His presence in his life.
Being a man who has experienced immense loss, I can only imagine
there is some anger toward God that surfaces from time to time.
Being a man with great respect for his Creator, he swings
between expressing that anger,
and stuffing it deep.
He struggles with misplaced guilt for the disappointment he feels
in this Giver and Taker of life.
When he chooses to express his faith through the written word,
the deep love and respect for his God become plainly evident.

This is a man of wistfulness.
Nostalgia means a great deal to this man.
He experiences at times a strong yearning for yesteryear.
There is a longing to take the wisdom gained through the years with him to his past,
and thrive therein.
He is a man of simple pleasures,
and drawn to a simpler era. He finds contentment
in reminiscing the delight of his youth, and pouring memories
onto the page.

This is a man of poetry and passion.
He is rightfully proud of the weight and beauty of his words.
In his heart, he recognizes the power he holds. Yet,
a diffidence that he has battled all his life vies for his conviction,
rendering this recognition fragile.
Although more than capable of working on his own,
his best surfaces when someone of great worth in his life
sees the treasure in his words.

This is a man.
A man who would unreservedly give his life for his family
or a stranger in need.

This is a man.

Marie Elena


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