REQUESTED (Izzy’s Sonnet)

Day 2 holding her pacifier



God graciously gives gifts that prove His love,

And this time used a cherished little one

Whose precious face is reminiscent of

The one who caused my heart to come undone.

Another set of prints upon my soul

Has made her presence known, and it’s sublime –

Just like a piece that makes a puzzle whole,

Or syllable that finishes a rhyme.

Upon three years of practice on my part,

You’d think by now it might have gotten old.

But every day brings wonder to my heart,

And now my joy has multiplied twofold.

Delivered straight to us through Heaven’s door –

The one her sister earnestly asked for.

 By Marie Elena Good

(Welcoming our newest little grandtreasure, Isadora Kathleen, born April 12, 2014.  We are all over the moon, including Sophie, who fervently wanted a sister.  Not knowing ahead of time whether they were having a boy or a girl, Sophie’s mommy and daddy tried to prepare her for the possibility of a brother.  Sophie seemed to know better, and unwaveringly kept reminding us all that she “asked for a sister.”)


Link to “PRINTS” (Sophie’s Sonnet):


10 thoughts on “REQUESTED (Izzy’s Sonnet)

  1. Marie….anything from the heart is well written. Form is worth nothing compared to passion. This is such a precious sonnet for this precious ‘syllable that finishes a rhyme.’ I too would be over the moon.

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