Pool days, Daze of youth.
To tell the truth I miss that time.
I felt fine; felt alive, running with good friends,
relaxing on the shore late nights by the lake.
Memories take me back. It was summer.

Bare feet or flip-flops, we were non-stop,
under blue skies. We had our fun
where the green grass was emerald,
and the sweet tea was refreshing.
Life was hot! It was summer.

Star gazing as moonflakes shimmer
on the rippling surge of Erie’s offering.
Near the bonfires of passing time,
feeling as if I’m on permanent vacation.
This was my station. It was summer.

Neighbor kids had lemonade stands,
red solo cups filled with sunshine
elixir, a mixture of tart and sweet.
A nice retreat from the heat in the shade,
this day was made for it. It was summer.

Late lightning and thunderstorms,
fireworks of nature’s provision,
star-crossed hearts start each evening
with the hope of true love to coming to call.
All was all right at night! It was summer.

Backyard barbeques, sweet peaches
and watermelon. People sellin’ their stuff
as yard sales pop up along the street.
Mr. Frosty’s ring jingle made you tingle
for ice cream. A young man’s dream. It was summer.

Pool days, daze of youth.
To tell the truth I miss those times,
I felt fine. Mom and Dad were still alive.
Life was perfect despite our flaws,
all for the cause of family. It was summer.

© Walter J. Wojtanik – 2016


Added words: Lake, moonflakes, heat, shade


Written to Poetic Bloomings “An Entertaining Summer” – Day 22: WORDS, WORDS, SUMMER WORDS

Offered at dVerse Poets Pub – OLN #176



If I were me,
I’d be happy in my station
this close to publication I could taste it,
I wouldn’t waste it… the opportunity that is!
Just the way it is…if I were me.

If I were me,
I’d be less afraid to sing my songs,
you could all hum along if you don’t know
the words. You know how it goes, you’ve heard
it before. We’d do an encore… if I were me.

If I were me,
I’d be the man Mom and Dad had hoped,
I would have coped better with illness and death,
I’d save my breath as far as some people were concerned.
And I’d have learned… if I were me.

If I were me,
my poems would be recited,
I’d still love unrequited and hide it well,
and I’d tell my daughters, they oughta be happy
and steer clear of crappy situations… If I were me,

I’d feel blessed by the friends I’ve made,
have a poet parade and invite the masses,
we’d hold classes on form and encouragement
and take nourishment from our collective muse,
That’s what I’d choose, if I were me!


dVerse Poets Pub – OLN #105 – Happy