We’d love to meet you too someday,
oh you, best friend we’ve never met.
I’m sure we’ll have a lot to say,
We’d love to meet you too someday.
We could talk of life and our wordplay,
A day we’ll ne’er forget!
We’d love to meet you too someday,
oh you, best friend we’ve never met.

2017 November Chapbook Challenge – Day 6: Praise

Response to you!



End of day plays Jekyll and Hyde,
it’s a bit warm to remain inside.
A hasty retreat is beaten to the cover
of awning with a rainstorm dawning.
Deck chairs edge closer; the center
of the porch as ground zero.
Clouds dance, lightning brightening
the horizon. Hearing in the distance,
rumbles tumble, a cacophonous cascade;
nature’s serenade played in tympanic
tumult. Nearer the furor approaches.
Rain showers encroach on late spring.
A brilliant display on the front porch at the end of day!

(C) Walter J. Wojtanik, 2015


From west to east you reach me,
for years you chose to teach me
a lesson shared; of poetics, and life,
love and respect. You always reject
any notion that our devotion was
a chance happenstance, we were 
meant to “meet” in whatever form
that would take, and make no mistake,
I know you as well as is possible
without ever exchanging glances.
And on the odd chance that we ever could
share the same space, I will remember
your face by the trace it will leave on my soul.
Your voice, your grace, your style all live
forever in the shadow of your smile.



Serene, cerebral,
all thoughts escape
in a sea of despair.
No North Star leads,
nor compass points
towards journey’s end.
I send signal flares,
but there’s no one
at sea to see them.
Sails lowered and oars
tossed aside, I hide
in the shadows of this
weary soul. I have no control
over navigation; into
the dark and murky night
I travel. Before I unravel
I float this prayer.
If you can hear me, Lord…


“have a little faith” by Mitch Albom

Adam hid in the Garden of Eden.
Jonah jumped a boat and was swallowed
by a whale. Man likes to run
from God. As soon as I could walk,
I started running. The Big Boss;
the Head Rabbi – if I saw Him coming
down the hallway, I ducked down
a corridor. He was tall and I felt tiny
in His presence. I ran until He couldn’t
see me anymore. We had once been closer,
but I hadn’t really been around Him
in twenty-five years. Man likes to run from God.
But I was headed in the other direction.

Not a cento poem poem culled from Mitch Albom’s “have a little faith”.

Written for WE WRITE POEMS Prompt #109 – Finding Pearls




A month from Summer’s first days,
and it plays on my sensibilities
(or stirs my senility into a thought
profound that will confound if I let it).
But May flowers are in need
of what ominous skies offer.
More temperate that I’m used to,
but I choose to suck it up in lieu
of stuff that makes our winters legend
It begins to rain, loping drops
that stop on occasion to allow you to raise
an eye to the sky in praise of lovely Spring days.



The ends usually justify the means.
A circuitous route at best,
a tremendous life-long journey at least.

A feast for the eyes, I was surprised
that I was attracted and reacted as I had.
Suffice it to say, I was glad, but for a lad

who was as shy as the day was long,
it took a strong bit of self-prompting
to make her acquaintence.

I was a loner, rink-rat, hockey manager
managing to keep a cool exterior
when my interior was a bundle of nerves.

The gentle curves of her hips and behind
(which of course, I didn’t mind)
played little part in my false bravado,

as far as I know, she played me cooly
and it was duly noted
that she may have been devoted

to having me notice her from afar,
so I could get a closer look.
And speaking of looks,

she was petite, very sweet,
cocoa eyes and a smile that,
while it blared, flared from ear to ear

(did I mention her hips and rear?)
freckled nose and clothes that hugged her
as much as I dreamed to. It seemed

when she’d get the opportunity, she’d stare,
but I was too busy to notice beyond
her waist long auburn hair.

It was there that my heart fluttered.
I muttered some words that evoked a smile,
and while I choked back my heart

a funny thing happened.
It started to beat again, hard and strong,
long after that first glance. She was a first chance

at a love so aspired. I was wired and jittery,
but she just smiled. All of sweet sixteen,
and me nineteen and never thinking

I would be thinking of her this way.
And I do to this day, but in another way.
In memory of that first meeting

and this fleeting sense of fortune.
A neighbor of a cousin of a girlfriend of my brother.
She still orbits my planet. Her name was Janet.