As far as lakes go,
truly great ones either are,
or surround, Erie.

I’m just sayin’.
Marie Elena


5 thoughts on “HAVE YOU NOTICED?

  1. Erie-centric lakeOne of quintuplets so blessedMiddle child syndrome.I'm just agreein'. (how do you make italics in a comments?)From one Great Lakes Poet to another and another,PatriciaPM_Poet Writer

  2. Oh boy, are you GOOD, lady! I LOVE IT! I think you probably nailed the Erie personality, Patricia. That's a "wish I wrote it," for sure!Can't italicize in the comments, that I know of. :(As usual, our neighbor across the lake, thanks so very much for your consistent support. You are the best!Sincerely,ME and the OTHER 😉

  3. Thanks, glad you liked it–couldn't resist a response.With being the second youngest of 8 children, I always have considered myself a middle child, more or less.Go Lake Erie!Like that map! Sometimes I am not sure if people know about these water treasures that we are so fortunate to share between our 2 countries. We are lucky, indeed. Patricia

  4. … and Patricia, you are so right about these "water treasures" we share. 8 kids, eh? Way cool! There is just my sister and me in our fam, but loads upon loads of cousins, who definitely FEEL like our siblings. Oh … and there's Walt …;)M.E.

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